God works in mistereous way

Have you ever prayed to ask for something to God, you pray with a high desire, because you think you really want it? Until the time God grant your wishes, and you've realized that in fact you're not ready to accept what you expected.
No... You aren’t not yet ready, but you're shocked.. You wouldn’t even think that your wish will be granted.. You’re confuse after your wish was granted, then what else should I do?
The wise man said, after the God has grant your wish, then you must keep what you get, because it is a form of your grateful to God.
But what happens when you do not even realize that God had granted your wish, and you have not had time to give thanks until what you've got just disappear.
Don't it always seem to go
that you don't know what you got 'til its gone – counting crows
Until finally you blame god. Why God grant my wish too soon, why God didn’t told me first before that He grant my wish so I can prepare my self.
But why do we always blame God for something that isn’t suit with our expectations. Why do we never think of the God’s feeling? Aren’t we live in the real world, where the reality isn’t always as sweet as hope?
Dear God, might be I'm not a devout people, but please give me a second chance.. grant my wish again, and I would be grateful to you, and I promise not to waste it again..


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