New Year's Resolution

I Wrote this from my PDA phone while waiting the new year's eve at hostel's cafe in Ujung Kulon. I don't know why I wrote this. It just flashed in my mind, this was my first time I wrote my own resolution for next year's goal.
well this is my resolution:
  1. I wanna get closer to God, pray more and be a devotion person.
  2. I will improve my English more to improve my communication skill.
  3. I hope I can find the right woman to take a life journey together and create a family.
  4. I should finish my master study in project management program (it a must!!).
  5. I should find a better job, at another company (sorry to my beloved boss, my recent job doesn't fulfill my expenses hehehehehe..)
  6. I should think more positive.. don't judge people or any circumstances just at one side view, I should being mature to think ( hey you already 26 at this year).
  7. I will take a rescue diver certification. (optional.. if I have spare money & before May 2010).
  8. I should repair my body, go to gym, reduce smoking, and eat some healthy food.
that's all folks.. I hope I can achieve that all goal within this year.. please God help me to realize all resolutions.. and to all my friends who read my blog, please support me to realize this resolution..


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