Raja Ampat

Landed at Dominique Equardo Osoq airport was initiated my 8 days journey to Raja Ampat. Once we arrived at airport, Grand Komodo staff had been waiting us to pick up us to Sorong harbour terminal to continue our journey to Raja Ampat islands. The boat was started to sail around 10AM to matan reef and they has provided us lunch at boat. After had a lunch we started to unpack our gear and wore it for our first dive. Our first dive was took 55 minutes with average depth around 24 meters. We found some pigmys and nudies. 

After first dive, we continued our journey to misol which has took 14 hours sail, but beautiful scenery has been accompanied us  during the trip.

On Sunday morning we reached Missol and we started morning with dive at Boo Rock dive spot and second dive we dived at Nudie Rock and third dive at Tank Rock. On next day we dived 3 times and on third dive at Faronde we found Wobegong Shrak.

On the following days we dived at Fam, Arborek, and Manta Sandy. During our dive at Fam we also did trekking on the reef island which has been renown. Unfortunately we must cancel our trip to Waisai due to terrible weather.

And our last dive was held around Cape Kri.. In our last dive we found lots of schooling fish and gorgeous reef with good visibility which has made our last dive so memorable...

Below you can watch resume of my diving during at Raja Ampat. Hope you can enjoyy..


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